Whilst the UK slowly recovers from the worst recession in a generation, people across the country are feeling the effects. However, if you’re finding things a struggle, try to spare a thought for the millionaires. Because, believe it or not, life is just not as easy as it once was for them.

Pity the millionaires! Just 10 years ago things were looking a lot less bleak. As this infographic shows, a decade or so ago, £1 million could buy you a lot more than it does today. In fact, there are a number of startling differences between what a million would have bought you then and now. No wonder the richest of the rich are panicking.

For example, do you know how long a millionaire can pay the salary of a Barcelona FC player these days compared to a decade or two ago? Or how many average homes or Mini Coopers they can own? It makes for grim reading.

The one plus point is that more people are now millionaires than perhaps realize it. In fact, according to the infographic, one in 10 households in the UK has assets of £1 million or more.

But if you are not one of them, or indeed one of the 18,000 people who earn a million pounds or more every year, take a look at the infographic to find out more about the plight of the millionaires, whose life just isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Spare a Thought for the Millionaires Infographic

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