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Making money online is a great way to supplement your current income. Plenty of people have skills that can be marketed online to help turn a profit and earn extra cash. Making some extra money online is also great for the holidays when you need a little extra income to keep your family happy. Check out these money-making tips for starting your online venture.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Plenty of tech start-ups and companies are looking for someone to manage their busy schedules and be the first point-of-contact for new customers. Personal Assistant jobs on the internet start at around $16 an hour. Most jobs are available remotely and can be done either part-time or full-time hours. You’ll need a laptop and excellent communication skills, but if you’ve ever worked as a secretary for an executive or corporation, you have a leg up here.

Open an Online Savings Account

If you already have a bit of savings and you’re looking to make a solid return on it, you might consider switching to an online savings account. Online accounts like Ally offer up to 2% APY or around $100 in interest for every $5,000 deposited. Ally also has no minimum deposit for opening a savings account, and you can have several in your name. Other online banks like Capital One 360 and Discover Online Savings might be good alternatives for higher interest accounts. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions on these accounts before signing up. These savings accounts pay the highest interest rate available in the US, making them good passive income opportunities.

Create Online Courses

Are you talented at drawing, painting, photography, or any other hobby? You can market your skills by creating an online course to teach others to do what you do. You should start by creating a course outline and any points you want to discuss for individual episodes. Once you’ve written a script, read through it while filming yourself performing the action you’re teaching. Show it to people and see if they think someone can learn what you’re teaching from the materials provided. If so, you may have a viable way to make money online. Day trading coursesx` are often from experienced traders who want to teach new traders their trading strategy.

Sell Photos Online

If you’re a great amateur photographer, you can sell your photos online to stock photo companies. Any time your image is purchased and used, you’ll get some money online. You may think you need an expensive DSLR camera to take good pictures, but an iPhone camera is just as good for some apps. Apps like Clashot, EyeEm, and Foap offer users the chance to upload their pictures and sell them on their marketplace.

Graphic Design

If you have a technical knack and skills like programming, you can sell those skills as a freelancer working online. Freelance graphic design and programmers have schedules that are set by themselves. You can create a portfolio website to showcase your work, so prospective customers see your talents.

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