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We know Google has launched it’s most-awaited search engine not long time back, from now. And, it got too many registrations in the very first days itself. Probably, almost equal to the total number of users on Facebook. Well, those registrations were just left out to be.

People didn’t liked it much, as it has create too much hype among them. So, Google, the search engine giant, added few more features to it, mingled it all around, combined it with the search algorithm and finally, brought us the Google+, which we are somehow intended to use, with no other options left.

It’s a good one, though. Google+ has fine features which are nonetheless, the attention grabbers. Hangout is such an awesome feature, which we lack on Facebook. I know, both are different to be compared. But, they are the top social networks on the internet, after all (Twitter, is anyways, the microblogging platform).

So, as Google tweaked the platform to attract the maximum business owners and webmasters, it’s succesful. Almost every webmaster now uses Google+, actively. Business owners are picking out the maximum advantage of this platform to get outstanding benefits.

And, why should you use Google+ for your business?

Google Authorship

If you aren’t aware of this; or haven’t heard this term ever before, you might have at least seen some people posing, exactly below the search result, when you search for a random query. That is what the Google Authorship is.

Reports say, blogs with verified Google authorship profiles get better traffic than the others (see, your picture attracts audience).

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And, showing up yourself on search pages isn’t bad, at all. If you want to be famous, you should rather be doing this instead of searching for the same on Google.


Google also considers the social shares of a specific link, while letting it rank. If your post/page is shared by many, on social media sites, you are likely to rank top. And, like Facebook’s Like; it’s Google+’s +1.

Always try to get as many +1s as possible to your URLs so as to expect a better rank in the SERPs.


Having written the best-quality SEO-friendly content ever, you might not get the expected results if your blog post is not at all indexed.

When your content is immediately shared on Google+ along with other social networks, the indexation problems are seen relatively less in most cases.

So, after you publish any content on your blog/website, share the link on Google+ and try to get as many +1s and reshares.

Google AuthorRank

Another recent trend, the AuthorRank.

It seems, PageRank will soon be replaced by the AuthorRank. Not literally, though.

But, as Google has already stopped considering the PageRank while updating it’s search algorithm, it’ll surely take in the AuthorRank.

Google AuthorRank is the credibility of the author of the blog, on Google+. The network he/she has, number of Google+ shares, +1s he gets and things like that.

All this works only if you’ve verified the Google Authorship for your Google+ profile and your blog/website. So, it is mandatory to have a verified Google Authorship, again!

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Business Page

So, seems like Google also want to engage more with online business owners. It added the Business Pages to the list of features.

Though there are no different from Facebook fan pages, you cannot get benefited from a Facebook page like you get from the latest Google+ Business Page.

Yes, it is also mandatory to link your Google+ business page with your site to completely verify the mark.


Maybe, the one such feature that sweeps off all the perks from Facebook or any other social network. Even when Skype merged into Facebook, Google still leads.

With Google+ hangouts, you can easily collaborate with your team for efficient work flow or even for refreshment. Or maybe, you can have simple FREE webinars with your customers.

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