Yes, it’s another Monday, first day in the week and the busiest one, I’m already behind my laptop and ready to write about a web startups, and I have interesting one that will help you to make money by simply tagging your photos.

Now, this website is going live at April 1st, but you can still visit it at pictaag.com, and leave your email to be one of the first one to check it out when they launch it.

How it Works

The idea is simply great and useful, you make money every time when someone buys a product that you tagged in your pictures.

How many times it happened that you uploaded a picture of yourself with new clothes or products that you like to use and your friends and family asked about them and how they can buy it online.

Well I have a feeling that pictaag will be from a great help in this field, all you need to do is to upload a picture, tag the products on the picture share the picture online and make money every time when someones buys that product through your tag.

I don’t really know how you can find those products, because they are going live in a month, but I guess that they will have some kind of a business deal with companies who are creating and distributing those products.

All in all, this website will cause some interesting waves on the web, I know for sure that I will try to make money using pictaag when it goes live on April 1st.

The post is short, but the information is clear and idea behind the website will work like a charm, if you want to join early birds list, you can visit their official twitter profile at @pictaag, facebook fan page or the pictaag website itself.

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Have a great day.