Yes it’s Startup Monday again, and I’m back with a couple of very interesting startups for you (my dear readers). These are not just some startups, they are made with you in mind, a websites where you can make money online and look for a job, because it’s era of working from home opportunities right now.

And you’re on the right place to find those startups that can make you money while working from home.

Last monday it was a startup called superjam, where I shared interesting and inspiring story about how you can work from home making jam.

But this monday I have decided to add couple of websites, some of them didn’t even launch yet, which means when they launch in month you will be first to grab opportunities and make money online.

So Without any further delay, here is the list of startups to make money with, find online jobs and work from home:



CentUp is my favorite startup for sure, because it helps publishers like me to earn money from my content while also donating half of the revenue to the charity. Forget the old methods of earning money from your blog, simply add the CentUp button on your blog or website and earn money every time someones clicks on it. Launching soon…

CentUp is a social media button that creates a new revenue stream for those who create content. It’s not about paywalls or advertising, it’s about turning publishers into conduits for charity. Whether you write, shoot, produce, or draw if you put great stuff out on the web, CentUp turns your efforts into something that earns money for great causes, and for you.


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It’s in pre-opening, but if you sing up now, you will receive $5 on your betalize account. Betalize is the startup where you will be able to make money online for beta testing.  It’s pretty easy, find the contest you like, test the products and get paid, 5 best beta testers will earn money, you definitely need to check out this website.




If you have a great idea about an app, get it developed, and share profits with dandy once your app goes to app stores. If your idea is useful and get voted, you are at the chance to become wealthy with your own app idea, dandy will help you with everything. Check it out, the startup idea is great, maybe you will become the next instagram and sell your app for billions with B (smile).




Very Interesting job dashboard startup for full time or freelance writers, get paid to write, isn’t that one of the best ways to make money online. They are currently in public beta, but they do need writers to work on new and interesting software, so don’t wait anymore, go over there and sign up.




Great startup that lets you to sell anything, anywhere, in just under a minute. It’s very simple, take a picture of your product, set the price and sell it  on Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, Text Message, Email & the SellSimple Marketplace. Very useful app if you want to make money online fast by selling stuff. They take 5% only when you sell.

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Great website to make money by lending your camera gear, 90% of the total reservation cost goes to you, paid out through Paypal and 10% goes to website. Lend a lens to recoup its cost, I must admit that this startup is very unique and interesting for all of you who want to lend your gear and make some extra money on the side, if anything get broken or lost, website will take care of everything.


There are many more to come this week so stay tuned, subscribe, tweet, comment and learn how to make money from home.


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