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Investing your money is a smart idea whether you’re planning for retirement, or would simply like to grow your money. While you can certainly put your money into a savings account and leave it there to accumulate interest, you have the potential to grow your money even more significantly by choosing to invest in stocks, shares, and real estate. If you have an employer who offers 401k or other retirement plans, you can configure your paycheck so that a flat percentage of each one is put into that account. Some employers will even match your contributions up to 100%, which means that if you contribute 2% and that’s equivalent to about $50, each paycheck will provide your 401k plan with $100.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to ease into investing is by setting aside as little as $1 per day. If you can do this every single day for an entire year, you’ll have $365.00. While that is not a large sum of money, it’s a way to train yourself to be disciplined enough to invest that much money and more into actual stocks, and to then not touch any money that begins to accumulate.

When it comes to stock investments, you can check out the stock market on your own and do research, or you can utilize the services of a financial advisor like John Studzinski Blackstone. If you know very little about stock investments, or would simply like pointers from the pros, a financial advisement firm is an excellent starting point. These firms can help you determine how much you have available to invest, how much you ideally should have available to invest, and how you can make the most of your investments.

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Generally, investments begin with selecting stocks to purchase. By purchasing a stock from a company, you are essentially taking ownership of a small percentage of that company, and thus will be entitled to a certain percentage of their earnings. While some companies offer more ownership and kickbacks when you purchase multiple stocks, other companies may be more limiting, and two to three stocks from one company may not be worth more than one to two stocks from another.

It’s important to keep in mind that the stock market is ever-changing, so it’s important to follow the stock forecasts and trends as closely as possible. Depending on how the stock market rises or dips, your stocks may become more or less valuable. Keeping close tabs on the stock market means being much more likely to grow your money and earn more of it.

Investment can be fun if you’d like to build up savings, but these savings won’t happen overnight. It can take a couple of years and a couple of hundred dollars just to see a return of one or two thousand dollars. But if you invest regularly, and spread your investments around to different industries, and not shy away from high-risk investments, you’ll be much more apt to see a greater return than if you invested on a less frequent basis.


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