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Are you a squirrel or a badger? Find out at this new website that connects people who have stuff to store with people who have space to spare.

Was one of your new year’s resolutions to save more and spend less? Or perhaps it was to earn some extra money to cope with the household bills? Either way, a new website that has recently launched may provide an innovative solution. connects people that have ‘stuff to store’ to people who live near them with ‘space to spare’. The space could be an empty loft or garage, a spare room or even a secure outbuilding. The service is fully insured by Aviva, and both parties have to fill out a user profile and sign legal documents to keep everything fair and square.

The people who list spaces are known as ‘Badgers‘. Weekly prices for spaces range from £6-7 for a small room or vault to £30-40 for a whole garage or loft, and that includes the insurance cover, so considerably cheaper than going down the commercial storage route especially for a long-term contract. Anyone with extra space can become a Badger – as well as homeowners the opportunity is open to small businesses and charitable organisations – and the website currently allows up to five listings per sign up.

The Squirrels (the people that rent the spaces) have to write an inventory of all the items they wish to store, and can ask to view listed storage spaces before using them. Once a contract is arranged, the Squirrel sets up a direct debit and the website takes its cut from this fee. The rest is paid to the badgers.

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A common ‘first reaction’ is one of ‘can I trust the other party’ and immediately issues spring to mind about security and safety. All the evidence, however, is pointing to the complete opposite revelation.  When people-do-business-with-people (think of ebay) and their ‘online’ reputations are put ‘on the line’ – especially at a local level – then the results are surprisingly positive.  Incidents of abuse of such services are very rare indeed and the collaborative nature of these websites means that users are generally very open about their interactions and very pleased to offer testimonials.

Some People who are Using include:

The Badger: Laura, a teacher says; “With a growing family and money not going as far as it used to, I’m always looking at ways for additional revenue streams.  When I read about in the paper I realised that I could rent out our empty boarded loft and literally make money while I was asleep! The website is really user friendly – it was really easy to make the listing. And we might actually be able to go on holiday this year!”

The Squirrel: Susan, Hotelier and collector; “I have been using commercial storage since moving house and have spent a lot of money over the years so I was delighted to discover Storenextdoor. It offers me a much cheaper option and as I can store with someone in my neighbourhood I will be able to access my stuff when I need to without having to use the car???

The Badger: Clare, a photographer: “I have a couple secure spare rooms in my house. I did consider getting a lodger or renting it out as a B&B but I don’t have the time to manage it. This seemed like an ideal solution to earn a bit of extra with minimum effort. It’s a great idea!???

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The Squirrel: Jake, Student; “I’m going abroad for a gap year next summer so this is ideal for me as I need somewhere to put all my uni stuff while I’m away – and my parents have moved house since I left home so I can’t stash it in the loft at home like I used to!???

Storenextdoor Founder Rosie Bennett is happy at how the website has taken off;  “Since our launch last year we have been overwhelmed by the response. There is a real appetite for this type of local, neighbourhood service that is financially a win-win for both parties.???

Check out the Earnings Estimator at to see how much your spare space could be earning for you…even when you’re asleep!

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