Stories From The Business World That Could Easily Become Movies

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Business portrayed in the media is pretty standard – new, numbers, percentage. The business is actually more theatrical then you think, but these stories rarely reach magazines.

Here are a few business stories that are so interesting you could make a movie or a TV show based on them.

Betrayal and revenge in a software company: Kicked out CEO destroys the company by hacking its servers

Khalid Shaikh has founded the company YouSendIt with his friends, and the company was famous for upload software. Once he started to fight with his co-founders they kicked him out of the company – but he soon returned as a cold blooded leader of hacking attack on the company.

“YouSendIt kept growing without him, they have raised additional 14 million dollars, but their website was often down.

The Confession of a man who created the piracy of music industry

Copying and music piracy has started right there in the music industry – at the factory of CD’s and vinyl. Ex employee of US company PolyGram tells a story how he has heard music like he never heard before at the party of his co-workers.

That surprised him. The policy of the company was for employees to sign the document for zero tolerance for theft. In time Glover has realized how big underground market for pirated CDs really is, the rest is history.

 Why has a small dealer from Brooklyn become and American icon?

This is a true story about the one of the world’s most famous rapper in the world.

“William Wesley says that the Jay Z is symbol of hope” writes Lisa Robinson who has spent few weeks in close circle of Jay Z’s friends and business partners. “The star was born from darkness of poverty and racism”. Those who look up to him will find leadership and direction”. Robinson follows Jay Z throughout VIP sections on games of New York Nets, in clubs of Los Angeles, studios and offices of his companies combining stories about the street dealer who has become one of the most influential Americans. Unlike other articles, this one delivers the secrets from behind the curtains of one of the most successful businessmen in the entertainment.

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The full article can be read in the November 2013 issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

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