There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to business; no guaranteed formula or strategy for success. In fact, often the ideas which go on to generate the most money are the ones that people least expect. Here are a few left field business ventures that actually work.

Student Housing

What’s so strange about student housing you might say? Well, although it may be a well-tapped field now, it certainly wasn’t a decade or so ago. And why would it be? After all, students are renowned to be amongst some of the less wealthy members of society. So why would anyone expect that there was money to be made off of them? Obviously somewhere down the line, somebody realized that students did have money.

Whether it came from loans, grants, bursaries or some other nefarious source, they were able to fund their lifestyle and accommodation. Understandably, prospective or existing real estate entrepreneurs have leapt on this opportunity to make some serious cash. By buying homes near universities, doing them up, and furnishing them with some quality furniture packages from somewhere like Peelmount Contract Furnishings Ltd, landlords have been able to turn a tidy ongoing profit.

Hangover Helpers

This one is even more left-field. Let’s say some college students had a small gathering that quickly escalated into a three day house party. At the end of it all, every casualty is suffering from a monstrous hangover and the apartment is well and truly trashed. For many college students, the idea of actually dealing with the mess they’ve created is a bit too much to handle. What can they do? Thanks to two guys in Boulder, CO, they can call Hangover Helpers.

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Hangover Helpers is a small company which effectively sorts out all of the mess and chaos that party-goers are unwilling to deal with themselves. But this is not just a cleaning service. Hangover Helpers will appear at your door, armed with breakfast, hydrating drinks, and every tool necessary to restore your home to its former glory. Think there’s no money in this idea? If you need proof, Hangover Helpers have already featured in Forbes Magazine and appeared on Regis and Kelly.

Business Rewards Mavericks

The world of business rewards mavericks and people with fresh approaches. Here are just two strange business ventures that actually work. If you rack your brains, you might just come up with some crazy, profitable schemes of your own.


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