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Starting a small business has never been simpler. The internet continues to make accessing the right information and tools easier. If you have a good idea and a business plan, with the right online resources, you can lower many of the other hurdles that stand between you and your goals. Learn more about the following four essential online tools you need for your home-based business.

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Whatever your business may be, at some point social media is bound to play a part in your marketing or customer service outreach. But with so many social networks in existence, you could have a tedious and time-consuming time trying to keep up with them all.

Buffer allows you to schedule and coordinate posts across your business’s social media accounts. This automated scheduling lets you get all your social media work done in batches and not have this work constantly interrupt your other tasks. Buffer also offers a mobile app so you can adjust your posts and schedule at a moment’s notice.

Protect Your Brand Name With Trademarkia

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Carving out an original brand is an uphill battle. What’s worse is spending months or years trying to build name recognition only to find five other businesses with a name identical to yours.

Since more than 540,000 small businesses start up each month, it’s important that you stand out. Trademakria has millions of registered trademarks that you can search for free. Once you decide on a name, the company offers tools to quickly and easily lock down a trademark.

Get Legal Peace of Mind With LegalZoom

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Starting and running a small business requires you to quickly become an expert or at least competent in many arenas. One of the most difficult and variable skills needed to succeed is being familiar with all legal matters relevant not only to businesses in general, but also your specific market.

LegalZoom can help take this load off you. For a flat monthly fee, you’ll have access to online consultations with attorneys who can answer your questions and help you make the best decisions for contract agreements, forms or documentation, and tax advice.

Secure Amazon Web Services for Data Storage and Web Hosting

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Whatever online services you need to get your business moving forward, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has you covered. Boasting dozens of products, AWS can give your small home-based business all the IT power and features of the big businesses without having to build it from the ground up. AWS offers built-in security features, which makes this service powerful enough for small and large home-based businesses alike.

From boilerplate services such as web hosting and cloud storage to more technical functions such as database management, extra computing resources, and game development tools, you’ll find many features at your disposal with AWS. Additionally, you get all the analytic tools you need to make sure you’re making the right impact on partners, clients, and customers.

Starting and operating a home business is no small feat. With many skills to master, the task can get overwhelming. Luckily, with tools like the ones presented above, you can get help building a solid technical and administrative foundation so that you can better plan, adapt, and focus on doing the work that’s important to you.

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