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Believe it or not, if you are at university or have recently graduated, then now is the best time to start a business. What makes now the best time?


First of all, you are most probably skint and could do with some extra money coming in. Secondly running your own business makes a great addition to your cv.  And finally, you have nothing to lose. You most probably don’t own property, have no one relying on you and don’t have a steady job to hold down.


This may be the only time in your life when you have the freedom to do whatever you want, so why not start your own business?


To help you come up with the perfect business idea, we have created a list of all the best business ventures for students. To find out more, keep reading below:


  1. Start a mentoring business


Focus on your knowledge base and specialist areas of learning and offer your services as a mentor. Offer to help students who are struggling to catch up and reach their full potential.


Mentoring is the ideal business venture as it allows you to create a successful business and excellent income, around your studies.


Start off by creating a small client base at your university or institution. Then begin advertising your services for online mentoring sessions. As demand grows, you may want to consider employing another student or graduate to help you keep on top of everything.


  1. Start  your own content creation service
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The demand for freelance writing is at an all time high. Which means that starting your own freelance content creation service has high potential for success. As well as excellent income potential.


The freelance writing market is competitive. But, as long as you are a good writer and know how to market your services, you can make a success out of your content creation business.


Create a basic resume and a portfolio and advertise your services online on social media and on selling sites, and begin building up your business. It may take some time to build a reliable client base, but it will be worth it.


  1.  Become a student landlord


If you have savings, consider investing them in property and starting your own rental business. If you can afford to invest in at least one good sized property, then why not become a student landlord? As a student, being a student landlord is the ideal business venture.


All you need to do is invest in a property, do it up, invest in some basic furniture and appliances and advertise it. It is also important to check the legal side of being a landlord and invest in landlord’s insurance from UK Landlord


  1. Start your own cleaning service


A cleaning company is cheap to start and easy to do. All you need are a few cleaning supplies and a reliable client base. And best of all, you can arrange the cleaning around your studies and other commitments.


While you can start off small and offer your services to friends and family members, if the business takes off you can then start to branch out.

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