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COST-summer-saving-bill-shutterstock_289713953If you’re a student, and you’ve just come home for the summer, you’re probably a little short on cash. Oh, who are we kidding — you’re definitely short on cash. The summer isn’t a time to relax, though. You’ve got work to do, and soon enough, you’ll be back to full-time studying again. In the meantime, you need some money, and you need it fast. Here are a few things you can do.


Summer Job

The summer is a great time to be searching for jobs. There are a lot of companies who only require your services throughout the summer months which fits in perfectly with your schedule! Whether it’s working behind a bar or acting as a lifeguard at a swimming pool, you should find something to fit your skill set. Be clear that you can only undertake the role for a short period of time if you get to the interview stages.



The summer is a busy time for many people. Parents often go to friends’ summer events and jet off on holiday when the weather is nice. They’re going to need someone to look after the kids in many cases, and that’s where you come in. If you’re good with kids and you want a quick payday, there aren’t many better options than being a babysitter. Offer your services on social media pages and see if any your friends or relatives respond with a request.


Online Surveys

If you’re somewhat of a computer geek, you can get online and start doing surveys for money! It isn’t as easy as it sounds, though. In a lot of cases, you’ll be paid relatively little for a lot of work. The key to success with online surveys is knowing the best sites to sign up with. If you don’t know where to turn, click here to learn more. Be aware that by doing this, you might have to put up with a large quantity of junk mail. Double-check with the website you’re working with to see what policies they have in place to deal with this.


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Freelance Work

If you’ve got a particular skill that you know is valuable to potential employers, why not go freelance? You’ve got the luxury of choosing who you work with and tailoring it to your already busy lifestyle. Maybe you’re a design specialist creating promotional materials? Perhaps you’re a written-word expert writing short novels? Either way, you’ll make a nice bit of cash from freelancing. There are no commitments for the long-term, and it’ll all look great on your portfolio.


Sell Your Stuff

We’ve all got varying amounts of junk sitting around the house, so why not take this time to sell it? You could do a clear-out of your entire home, seeking the old and disused equipment that could make some money. Whether you decide to arrange a yard sale or sell it on eBay is up to you! Alternatively, you could simply trade-it-in for minimal hassle, or put a post on Facebook advertising it in the local area.


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