Many students have car that is just collecting dust, right?

Most cars sit idle 23 hours a day. What a waste! Your car could be earning money for you.

And many students need to make money for themselves, it’s hard sometimes to manage work and school at same time.

That’s whay Wheelz will help you to make money online from your parked car.

How It Works?

Just by renting your car on Wheelz you can make some good extra income for your student needs like books, food, money for going out with friends and so on.

This is one great opportunity for students to make money online, fast and easy with no problems.

Money is always tight. Start earning hundreds in cash every month by lending your car to people in your college network.

To be eligible for Wheelz, you must be at least 18 years of age with a valid U.S. driver’s license, and a clean driving record. You also need a Facebook account.

Currently, Wheelz is open to the Stanford community and is launching soon at UC Berkeley, USC and UCLA.

Each car has both hourly and daily rates that are set by the owner of the car (you). A typical hourly rates are $8 – 12 per hour.

Imagine that, $12 per hour can be enough to cover some basic student costs.

Many owners earn several hundred dollars a month, with the potential to make several times that depending on how much you make your car available and the rate that you set for your car.

Almost all car types are eligible for the Wheelz platform. Cars must be in safe working condition (they will perform a inspection prior to approving a car for their network). In some cases age and mileage may disqualify a car.