Have you ever wished to disconnect sometimes, runaway from office, just throw a beach hat on your head and let the sun kiss your skin? Do you think it is not possible, or if it was, it won’t last more than a couple of days? If so, let me tell you how much things have changed! Fortunately now, we live some advantageous days taken into account how easily can anyone work from abroad. These being said, wouldn’t it be possible for someone to work from beach, as well? The answer is possitive and ready for you to steal it from us!


Business owner


Whether talking about a big-dollar-rolling business or just something at the beginning of the road, being your own boss gives you the opportunity to work basically from anywhere. Taking care of your numbers, clients, customers, PR, everything can be done using a laptop and some Internet connection. And trust me, you can have both of them and a beautiful beach view right in front of your eyes. Just think how easy would it be to open your laptop/iPad, see what’s going on in other countries and finish all your work in 2-3 hours. You will have the rest of the day for you and your body will love you for that!




One massive advantage here covers the fact that a contributor is someone who knows something from any domain. For instance, you can be a contributor with information regarding medicine for a website, or someone who writes/gives instructions through the phone in regards to how to fix a cable. Every domain needs someone to cover it, and a contributor gets money for that! The more websites you care linked to, the more income you will finally have!

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Professor of Cultural Studies


Believe it or not, teachers specialised on the path of Cultural Studies get the chance to travel the most in their life. The reason is pretty simple, taking into account the fact that they need to know every culture – and how hard is it to prepare the next year’s courses from the heart of them, which is the beach?


Business traveller


Probably one of the most prolific travellers, this one knows its job and how to make money while travelling. You may have heard of people who invest their money in traveling, and come back with the local products in order to place them in the market! This is what I call „beach-from-abroad business???, since all you have to do is to spot the man, go on the beach where to meet him (especially the Islands) and there you go!


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