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Taking your competence to the next level can feel like a natural step after working for a substantial amount of time. When you finally understand many of the systems and components of your career and have a degree of relevant skill in all of them, it’s easy to hit a brick wall. Sometimes it takes a forceful look at how you wish to proceed in order to enact positive growth and change.

If you feel that you’re competent in your job role but haven’t had the opportunity to progress further – you might consider looking at the following:

Lead A Team

When we find ourselves capable and willing to progress in our job role, the next logical step is leading a team. Here you can rest somewhat in the ability you have, but also expand that knowledge to learn about management. This might mean learning an online MSN program to expand your medical expertise in a wider variety of specialisms or to simply become better and managing projects and deadlines. Learning how to best to manage people also heightens your communication skills, which is absolutely essential to raise the highest tiers of paygrade in your career.

Offer Your Consultancy

Consulting can often have wide-ranging positive impacts on many new environments around the globe. Opening yourself up to share your expertise could affect many more people than the limiting scope of your current industry might. For example, it could be that as a medical professional, instead of working in a hospital regarding patient care, you might become a family doctor, a doctor for specialist athletes, or even someone pioneering the latest online healthcare platform. If you like variety, this is the way to go.


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Specializing in your job role is something that can truly lead you down wonderful and interesting paths. It might be that you simply wish to take your competence to the next level, and that finally you can focus on that you supremely enjoy, and leave behind the practices that bored you. For example, a business leader might become fascinated in being the best SEO analyst in her industry, or an IT specialist might leave the server maintenance behind and become a full coder programming new applications for Google to use. Being challenged in specific ways that mean the most to you can lead to some of the best job satisfaction found on this Earth.


Teaching your skills can have wide-ranging ramifications for almost everyone involved. This can lead to some excellent discoveries about yourself and can inform the next generation of competence to implant. Teaching could have many long-term positive solutions. You never know if a student might become the person to completely stamp out air pollution, or something just as noble. If you find yourself competent but bored in your job role, teaching could be the perfect role to consider.

With these tips, you are sure to find something that makes use of your competence and respects it in the process.

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