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According to Business Insider and Business Tech, the Millennials are one of the hardest to target markets currently in existence. They are also the group that is most inclined to spend big and stay loyal to a brand if it can convince them of certain things. That’s why it is considered one of the most coveted markets out there.

Learning to target the Millennials isn’t necessarily easy. They are one of the least tolerant groups, according to studies performed at Harvard. They don’t like to feel that they are wasting their time, and they are not willing to just spend money for the sake of spending it. To get into this market, your business needs to focus on certain tactics.

Have a Tightly Woven Product and Message

Millennials tend to be quite cynical in general. They are always checking up on people and statements to make sure that they aren’t being fooled. This can work against you unintentionally. If your business has multiple goals and messages, Milennials might see that as being a contradiction if you aren’t careful in the presentation. For instance, you might offer courses on how to incorporate a business in Canada and the United States while at the same time you sell products that bring awareness to corporate corruption.

Some Millennials might not look into the depth of your work to realize that you are training them to be ethical. This might seem like a hasty jump for Millennials to make, but they respond best to tightly woven products and messages. You need to make sure that your focus is apparent and that it is restated multiple times so that they can see the consistency. Keep that message consistent on your website, advertisements, mobile website, and everything else. Your Internet marketing and social media will be the most effective at reaching these individuals.

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Add a Human Component

The Millennials are used to working with and responding directly to the brands that they use. They have become deeply immersed in social media. This means that your marketing target in social media needs to be focused on creating a conversation. Make it as if they are talking to real people. In fact, get real people talking. Don’t just use sterile slogans or statements. Find ways to create an emotional connection. This emotional connection is what will ultimately result in brand loyalty. Make the most of your social media connections as well as your website. This is something that they will connect to.

Tell a Good Story

Just about everybody loves a story. Millennials are no exception. If you can find a way to engage their attention and entertain them at the same time, you have found a great key to accessing their loyalty. Millennials and subsequent generations are used to being entertained. One of the best ways that you can do this is through incorporating stories and experiences that other people have had. These stories can be inspiring or tragic. Look at the success of the anti texting commercials that tell the stories of teenagers who failed to obey the law and texted while driving. These ads tell stories that stick with the audience. You can implement the same thing in your advertising.

Just make sure that you include that human element here as well. Cute animals and the like aren’t going to work on this cynical group.


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