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With issues such as water and energy shortages, pollution and global warming making regular headlines in the media today, parents understand that teaching kids how to live green today can promote a healthier planet for generations to come. Most kids will grow up to lead a lifestyle that they were raised following. This means that if they were grow up learning how to be wasteful, they will likely continue on with that lifestyle throughout adulthood. Making lifestyle changes now can provide your children with lifelong benefits, and one of the best ways you can promote green living as a parent today is to adopt a more frugal lifestyle. Through a frugal lifestyle, you can save money and be green.

1. Buy “Needs???
Teaching your kids the difference between “needs??? and “wants??? while they are young can save you money today, and it can help your kids to save money for years to come. In addition, it can decrease the waste and pollution associated with unnecessary consumerism. It is common for parents to give into the whims of kids and buy the latest toys, gadgets and fashion trends. However, these are not typically examples of needed items, and your kids can learn to be happy without them. Purchasing such items promotes a consumer-driven society with excessive waste and pollution. Furthermore, it unnecessarily drains your bank account. With each item that you do choose to buy, explain to your kids why it is needed. When they ask for something, ask them to explain why it is needed. If it’s not needed, don’t buy it.

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2. Reuse Where Possible
A frugal lifestyle involves buying only needed items, and it also involves saving money on those purchases where possible. Buying used items from online classified listings and consignment items are a few ways to minimize your environmental footprint while also saving money. Another idea is to ask family and friends for items they are no longer using. Ensure that your kids understand that you are taking the step to reuse items that are in perfectly good condition rather than to waste money and resources buying new items.

3. Minimize Waste
It is unfortunate but true that many households produce a considerable amount of waste, and they also waste valuable natural resources needlessly. Whether you are brushing your teeth with the water flowing, sitting in a room that is lit by both sunlight and indoor lighting or tossing waste into a trash bin rather than a recycle bin, your waste is affecting the planet. Some of this waste is costing your money that could be saved. Through your kids’ everyday actions, you can point out areas where they are wasting resources and teach them a better way to perform those same actions. Through conserving energy and water, you can save money while also teaching your kids how to live green.

The fact is that the lifestyle many people lead today is consumer-driven and rather wasteful. Adopting frugal habits can help you to save money, and it can have wonderful effects on the planets. As you adopt these lifestyle changes today, you will be teaching your kids how to live frugally and be green too!

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