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When you are a teenager, money is always hard to get, and so easy to spend, on friends, clothes, food, parties, for school, etc. And then you’re always in need for some more spendable cash. And for your parents sometimes it’s hard to get you all what you need, because they have their own problems and bills to pay.

But, there’s a solution for this problem, since the Internet is big part of your daily life, you can make use of it and earn extra cash fast. This is not some kind of those make money fast scams or anything, this is how I made money when I was a teenager. And some new stuff you can start doing immediately to earn even more then I did.

Here is how any teenager can make money online in just a week.

Sell Your Stuff on Ebay

If you have some toys, gadgets, or stuff that you make, you can setup an ebay account or ask your parents to help you if don’t know how. Selling stuff on ebay can be profitable enough to have complete financial freedom from your parents and even help them with some extra cash. You need to be creative when it comes to selling online, do stuff differently and make even more money then some adults on ebay. Because Idea is very important, and since you’re a teenager I know that all of you are very talented and have something to offer to other people, and to make money online.

Make Youtube Videos

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Did you know that you can make money creating youtube videos, once you get enough views and become popular, youtube will contact you to become their partner. This means that you will make money anytime someone clicks an ad on your youtube video and on some other ways. There are some rules of course, the most important one is to not upload content that may be copyrighted, you need to make your own videos not from other people.


The Internet can help you with this way for teenagers to make money online too. I wrote an article before, about how you can make money babysitting. Basically, it’s the website marketplace for babysitters… where parents can find babysitters and sitters can find good payed job.
You can make some really fast cash using this website, create your profile, set your price and get job offers, really useful and good website.

Sell Your Hair Online

If you’re one of those teenagers that take good care of their hair, there are websites where you can create profile, upload pictures of your hair and how much you are willing to sell. This is one of the fastest ways to make money online and safest too.

Dog Walking 

You can become dog walker or runner, this opportunity is good for teenagers that want to make money fast and stay in shape, it’s healthy and  profitable too. It’s your decision which dogs you run and when.You also decide how much to charge your clients. A typical 30-45 minute run is $25, which is pretty good for a teenagers, you can still have enough time for school and your friends.Whether you are a teenager, student, stay at home mom, teacher, lawyer, or anyone else with an hour to spare, JFD is a great way to make some extra cash and get some exercise.

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These are really unique opportunities and very reliable, maybe you will need more then a week just in youtube case. But other websites can bring you instant profit and as a teenager this can be from great help. Tell me your opinions and experiences in the comments.


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