Applications are the new wave on the web and many other new gadgets like smartphones, tablets etc…

App owners need exposure so they can make more money selling their apps, and that is when you are stepping to the scene to make money too.

There is this website called AppGreedy, they are paying their users to test,comment and rate apps.

And after everything is done, you will earn money, the more apps you test and become best and popular tester you can make a lot.


How It Works?

Test the Application

Download the application from iTunes. Use it for a while and have fun with it.

Comment and Rate

With the nickname you provide on their site, leave a comment in iTunes and rate the application.

Earn Cash

After they check for a valid comment and a rate for the application, you earn cash immediately.

For App Owners!

Do you have a new application?

It is a great chance to be able find beta testers and feedbacks at early stages of an app.

It is always hard to be well-known in the market even if you have a great product.

Being robust and popular is of key importance for meeting new users.

All in all, they provide you to have greedy app users who help you rise in the market in terms of being robust and popularity.

Feel free to contact their sales team for more information and if you have special questions in mind..

Do you want to boost your application in the market?

Your application may deserve much. Why don’t you try to get help for that?

Each download, each comment, each rating has value for popularity in the app store.

Use the chance to have our greedy users, to rise in the app store.

So, make a next step, test apps and make money.