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text link ads review
text link ads review

Yes it’s true, in one week  the Text-Link-Ads team sent me offers and made me a profit of $130 in one week. I must say that they are the best in the field do textual advertising right now.

Forget the adsense, if you want to monetize your online content or get paid to publish one, then Text-Link-Ads are the right solution in 2013.

This is not payed review or anything like that, this is my honest opinion about the company and I’m sure it will help you to make more money online using your website or blog.

These kind of results are maybe not that impressive for someone, but I’m sure if you have a couple of websites that this amount of money can double or even triple.

And I honestly believe in that, because I have noticed that Text-Link-Ads are making sure that every single of their publishers can get fair amount of cake,and by that I mean earnings.

Once I signed with them and their content marketing program, it didn’t took them long to send me offers, 3 actually in one week and those offers have made me $130 in pure profit, here is the screenshot:

Text-Link-Ads Review - How I Made $130 In a Week

You need to have a nice traffic, and by nice I mean stable and big enough that you and the Text-Link-Ads advertisers can benefit from. Because at the the end, their advertisers are the ones who are creating the opportunities, and i must admit that Text-Link-Ads did a great job in finding those advertisers.


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Now when it comes to earning money as a publisher (Blogger, Website Owner) with Text-Link-Ads, you need to know this, there are more than one ways to earn money with them.

If I judged correctly from the website, there are 9 different ways to advertise with them. Which means more ways of making money for publishers. Right now I use 2 of those opportunities: content marketing and Web Links, I couldn’t find the right explanation for other ways of monetization.

Maybe they could clarify that a bit better on the website, but anyway, content marketing is very simple form of advertising and I’m using it. Basically advertisers pay to Text-Link-Ads to promote their business using useful and interesting content, then TLA pays you to publish the content on your website or blog.

Once you join the TLA, inside the admin panel you will need to add a new website, and there while in the process of adding the website you will need to choose a type of monetization for your blog, I choose the small icon with “CM” which means content marketing.

This post went too much in details and I don’t want to bother you for too long, basically Text-Link-Ads contacted me and offered me this type of monetization and collaboration with them.

And it worked, like I said earlier in this post, I have made $130 in a week, 7 days and money rolled in, I highly recommend Text-Link-Ads. Here is the screenshot of earnings from inside the panel, enjoy:


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