Nowadays, there is not a mystery anymore the way some of us make money from home. Enjoying the softness of your couch, the warm closeness with your family or being able to work from an airport while waiting for your plane to depart are few of the advantages of working from home. More and more of us think that while working from home, all you can earn is a scanty sum to add to your mothly salary. Don’t get home-based jobs wrong – you can earn as much as you’d earn on a 9-5 day shift – and even more! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to get a better insight over the problem.


  1. Translator (Average Salary = $132,000)

One of the easiest home-based jobs that pays really well, being a translator involves translating texts from one language to another. It is a pretty straightforward job with few possibilities to go wrong, yet fom time to time you might need to revise your work. Still, if you own enough talent, you will be able to translate the texts in a way that the words would give to the reader the feeling as in the original work.


  1. Voice Actor (Average Salary = $75,000)

For those of you seeking to have a career in acting but didn’t manage to do that at a time, you can easily take up the voice acting profession. Not only is it a fun work to do, but it also pays plenty! Different businesses might seek a special type of voice, reason why altering yours would be quite difficult. All you need to do is to look for the company that has the conditions able to be taken up by your possibilities. You can be a voice actor for either a game, a website, anything that comes across your mind.

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  1. Statistical Analyst (Average Salary = $69,000)

Definitely a white-collar job, statistical analysis is often done by those who have graduated a formal college training. It deals with statistical graphics for research problems and you would need to have great organising skills, along with the ability to ensure validity of data at times. Regardless of the huge amount of responsibilities you might have, being a statistical analyst would be taken up after posessing a certification of specialisation in different fields, such as economics, health and more.


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