There are hundreds of success stories about popular blogs making a fortune. It is certainly true, many have made a career from a humble blog. However, people latched on to the idea quickly and the market has become somewhat saturated. That’s not to say there isn’t still money to be made. There is. Lots of it! You just have to be a little more clever about it. Here’s how.


Build a serious community and large traffic


First of all, you can’t monetise your blog without a large audience. There is simply no shortcut. So, before you even think about money, think about making the blog itself successful. Harness social media to build a loyal following. Create compelling, emotional and powerful content that people want to share. Enroll in SEO courses and optimise your website for Google. Once the traffic is rolling in and you have a community, then you can monetise.




Traditionally, the bigger blogs made their money through advertising. They allowed other businesses to place photos, text or ad content on their site for a fee. You too can use Google adwords to begin placing ads. If it works well, reach out to bigger ad agencies.


Sponsored content


We are slowly moving towards a paradigm of sponsored content. Ads no longer generate the revenue needed. Sponsored content is where a business pays you to have some part in your content. It could link back to their product or their logo could feature in the content somewhere. We are even seeing the big names like New York Times and The Guardian adopt this approach.

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Affiliate marketing


You can join an affiliate program whereby you act as a third party seller for certain goods. They will embed sales links into your content and pay you for the privilege.


Speak at an event


So far, we’ve looked at using your blog directly to generate income. There are plenty of indirect monetization strategies too. Use your blog simply as a marketing tool for a large monetisation system. For example, use your blog to position yourself as an expert and thought leader in your industry. Harness that standing to negotiate event speaking deals and conference positions. Make your money outside of the blog itself.


Become a consultant


Again, simply use your blog to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. Use it to position yourself as an expert and gain a reputation. Then harness that reputation to work as a consultant. Every business turns to experts for advice and opinion. Be the person they turn to or reach out to them.


Create your own monetisation strategy


There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to monetising your blog. The internet makes it possible for new and unique methods to work. Think like an entrepreneur! Why not create merchandise and sell it? Use the the blog as the foundation for an entirely new company. Think outside the box and come up with your own plan.

There is no reason why you can’t be the next success story. The internet thrives on compelling content and it is still looking for new ideas. Use the concepts here as a starting block to build your blog-lead business.

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