Last time we talked about term “Blog” and how it became popular and who should we thank for the name and the whole Blogging thing we know today.

But now I would love to tell you a little history behind the blogging and what it became.

Blog is a page where we write about certain topic and share our opinion with other people. It can be updated daily, weekly, or monthly, but you can say that it’s something like digital diary.

It all started in late 1990’s, before the dotcom bubble and all of the hype, and you can say that blogs were the one standing strong after the bubble and the millions spent for worthless websites and companies.

Thanks to the blogs, we documented all of those changes, rises and falls of software companies, almost year after year, and blogging is only getting stronger and stronger.

Many of us, like me for example, created our full time careers online and built companies that are providing people with content worth reading and sharing online.

And blogging is here to stay, it’s the one thing you can rely to, when everything else is lost, when you want to know what is going online and where to go next, blogs are there for you.

We who run blogs know how hard it is to blog and blogging business is not a game, we are constantly reading and researching for the new topics and website to write about.

For example, here on MakeMoneyInLife we’re blogging about online world,  blogging for money, businesses, ways to earn extra cash on the side with the websites like blogskinny and many others.

Stay tuned I’m about to share with you my experience with blogskinny In September.

Thanks for reading.