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In the modern world, consumers are more empowered than ever before. With a large number of retailers to choose from, consumers have the ability to reject businesses if they feel that the service being offered is not up to scratch. Although losing a few customers might not have a big impact on large businesses, it could be catastrophic for small businesses that receive bad reviews.


What can small business owners do to ensure that their customers are happy? Consumers have a number of public avenues to express their feelings about the services that they receive. Moreover, 61% of consumers usually check online reviews before deciding whether to buy a product.


Positive reviews are great for your business because they demonstrate customer trust in your brand. They can also double up as a marketing tool that promotes products and services. On the other hand, negative reviews can provide you with some insight into customer frustrations.


According to research, the biggest customer service complaints include being rude or dismissive, putting customers on hold, and lacking staff knowledge.


When you receive a negative complaint, you should respond to it to show the customer that you are acknowledging it. Ignoring a complaining customer is not a good idea because he/she will keep complaining. Moreover, some data shows that consumers would use a retailer who addresses their negative reviews again.


If you are wondering whether you should bother with reviews, you need to know that they are worth it. Here are some reasons why online reviews are important and why each and every one of them counts:

Feedback can be a force of good

Although it can be difficult to read criticisms about your business, you need to. However, you have to remember that understanding what your customer thinks can allow you to make the changes that you need to succeed. Feedback is a great opportunity for small businesses to highlight their commitment and responsiveness to customer service.

Feedback helps your business improve

Although making mistakes is human, failing to rectify them is not. The number of negative reviews and complaints that you receive should not bog you down. Instead, you need to focus on solving them for the customer.


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What are your customers complaining about? You need to make sure that you handle their grievances to improve your services for posterity.

Feedback lets you recognize problems

Online criticisms can play a vital role in helping you to recognize problems before they get out of hand. When you remain vigilant and monitor the complaints you receive closely, you can solve a number of problems before they arise.

Feedback allows your business to adapt

Even if it is not critical, feedback needs to form the key part of a development. If your customers are always complaining about a particular issue, then you need to change it. Such a change would not be possible without the customer’s helpful feedback. Instead of fighting with your customers online, you should embrace their suggestions and criticisms.

Negative feedback shows that you are human

You should not ignore negative feedback because it shows your customers that you are human. You need to own up to your mistakes and explain why they happened in the first place. Being outspoken and honest with consumers shows them that they are not arguing with a faceless company.


Moreover, it helps business owners to snatch victory from the depths of defeat whilst demonstrating their determination. The reality is that you need criticism to improve your business. Therefore, next time your company receives a negative review, you should consider what the customer is saying and make use of the feedback to grow your business.



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