You may have heard of modular buildings in the past. Many people think that these buildings can be derogatory to a business as opposed to regular buildings, but that’s only because they haven’t done their homework. Modular buildings actually have a ton of benefits over setting up a standard building project. Take a look at some of these little known benefits and I think you’ll soon see the value in modular buildings:


There’s a Style to Suit All Needs


Some people are under the misconception that modular buildings all look the same. This is actually false. There is a style of modular building to suit all needs – in fact, many places will tailor a design specifically to you! Your modular building will look exactly what you need it to look like for the specific task you need it for. You can go for a plain, functional building that does the job, or you can design a better looking building that is aesthetically pleasing to boot. There are lots of options for both the indoor and outdoor appearance, as well as the windows to help you create a unique and eye pleasing building whichever way you look at it.


They Can Be Used for Anything


Think that what you’re doing may not be suitable for a modular building? Wrong! A modular building can be used for just about any application. They’re great for small businesses, classes, schools, construction workers, and more. I bet anything you can think of would work well with one of these buildings as their premises.


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The Interior is As Good if Not Better Than Other Buildings


The interior of a modular building is far from inferior to your regular building; it’s just as good, if not better. There won’t be any wonky/bouncy floors, and if you’re worried about what you’re going to be using the building for you can even reinforce it with concrete. This will make it rock solid and ease all of your worries. Water, power, heating and toilets can also be installed fairly easily, so this building can function just as you need it to.


Build Time is Reduced


Starting a regular building project takes a long, long time. With a modular building, the build time is greatly reduced. You won’t be waiting very long at all for your modular building to get up and running. Not only will the build time be reduced, there will be less noise pollution and disruption to the environment around where it’s being built.


You Know What You’ll Pay


There are no surprises with a modular building; you’ll get a quote and that is what you’ll pay. If you were paying for a standard building, you’d need to pay a lot in extra costs and probably have a few surprises along the way. Modular buildings take all of that worry away.


Reduced Cost


Not only are you under no illusions as to what you’ll actually pay, a modular building will come at a reduced cost when you compare it to what you would have paid for a standard building. As it takes less time, materials, and is more eco friendly, you’ll reap the rewards by saving some cold hard cash. Although don’t be under the impression that this is the main benefit, or the reason so many people are choosing to have a modular building (more on this later).

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Health and Safety Risks are Reduced


Health and safety risks are reduced with this kind of building. The environment inside reduces risks for workers. Not only that, but the fact that there’s less site disturbance contributes too. This means overall health and safety is improved by about 45%.


Built From Eco Friendly Materials


Modular buildings are built from way more eco-friendly materials. Along with the eco-friendly materials, these buildings can actually be disassembled and reused if needs be. The air quality around the building is also improved, as the building is assembled using dry materials in a factory controlled setting. There’s no better way to be friendly to the planet as you start/grow your business than by choosing one of these buildings.


Use Less Energy


Less energy is used overall in the making of one of these buildings, explain Portable Building Sales. Around 50% less time is taken to put the building together, so that’s less energy used up already. 67% less energy is used to physically produce one of these buildings, in comparison to a traditional building. The materials used to build the buildings themselves are usually around 35% recycled.


Less Disruption on Build Site


Less workers, equipment, and suppliers are needed to help put one of these buildings together. This means less disruption on the build site, which we have mentioned previously. You won’t need to put up with much noise or waste, and best of all, construction won’t be halted when the weather is bad, as the buildings are put together indoors. This means your business will be up and running much faster and ready to create revenue.

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Use as a Temporary or Permanent Application


A modular building can be used either permanently or temporarily, whichever you prefer. If you only need it temporarily, it can easily be disassembled and possibly used again at a later date, reducing waste and being kinder to the environment. It can also be used permanently, just as you would a more traditional building project.


There you have them; the little known benefits of modular buildings. Many people assume that they are simply the cheaper option or for people who are on a budget, but that really isn’t the main benefit. The fact is, they use much greener materials, are recyclable, and have an efficient manufacturing process that allows them to be in use in next to no time. You don’t need to be on a budget to go for this building over a standard project. If you want to be kind to the environment and get the ball rolling as fast as you can; this is the option to go for!


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