Should you study or should you work? That is the question. Rising out from nothing, this continuing contradiction seem to never stop, since employers want both studies and experience.



You can not employ someone without studies, but what can you do with someone who doesn’t know to do a single thing in the whole company? It is quite logical if you think twice, but it always has. In case you want to know your answer and decide upon advantages and drawbacks, stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines – don’t run!

YES for study

Of course, who would go for someone without them? While studying you interfere with new things, get a touch of what you are going to do (at least theoretically) and get a diploma attesting you did that for some time. In short, you are mentally prepared for what you are about to look for, to be enrolled. No one would ever keep someone for more years in his company without having education and a little knowledge over how to behave and not making a mess out of him – and studies educate you how to do that.

Big YES for work

Believe it or not, working brings to you experience – yey! An employee would be looking straight to your experience if there is any, especially at what you did and the name of the company. Nonetheless, when deciding to enroll in a big company, a great recommendation is a must – and if comes from your previous job, it is even better! He can make a description of what you did, how you behave and how up for work are you. Experience is utterly important if heading to a big salary and high expectations – and when you have some years, you will feel the difference when going to mall and wishing you could buy everything that is on the roofs.

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Well, you know now the advantages and the drawbacks – but which path should you follow? Is it the study one or the working side? In order to be successful, you should find the right balance between the two. No one is going to hire you on a good position without experience, but studies are utterly important because there are some requirements any company needs to be up with. So, what are you going to do? Shall your strategy include both of these?


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