The number of dollar millionaires has increased for 920 000 last year and it has reached a record number of 14.6 million people that are members of millionaires club.

These results have been conducted by annual study of Capgemini consulting company and financial institutions running real estate of Royal Bank of Canada.

This is sixth consecutive year of growth, and the cause is increase in value and shares in few key countries in the world.

The highest growth of millionaires in larger countries has been recorded in India, where the number of millionaires has grown 26%. The total number of millionaires in India is still relatively small in comparison to the total population, but with 198 000 millionaires the India is slowly getting close to Italy which has 219 000 millionaires.

More then third new millionaires or around 345 000 lives in the United States where the highest stock market growth has been recorded. In the United States there are 4.4 million millionaires, followed by Japan with 2.5 million. Third place is reserved for Germany with 1.1 million, and fourth place goes to the second largest world economy China with 890 000 millionaires.

According to the data from the report, the total net worth of millionaires around the world has reached the record number of 56 billion dollars. The rich of the richest, those whose net worth is 30 million dollars or more, are only one percent of total number, but they have around 35% of total of 56 billion.

However, the report concludes that the last year was harder to become a millionaire then in 2013, because many stock markets in Europe and Latin America recorded slow growth, and some even had decline. The last year’s increase of number of millionaires is 7%, which is only half of the rate that was recorded the year before in 2013.

The report is based on tracking of net worth of individuals. The net worth includes stocks, cash, and bonds, but not the real estate.

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