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90% of a company’s budget comprises of salaries and wages. However, if your office plan is old-school, you will not benefit from spending lavishly to retain top talent. Over the years, office design trends have undergoing a paradigm shift. From the cramped cubicles of yesteryear to open floor plans, the shift is noticeable. The reason is simple: modern employees, particularly millennials, want to work for progressive organisations and updating your office plans is one to show them that your business is progressive.

However, the change can also be attributed to a number of problems with old-school office planning. Let’s look at a few such problems:

One of the most effective ways in which businesses have been able to cut costs and at the same time upgrade their office design is by going greener. The state of the global environment practically compels you to take measures to become more sustainable. Introduce measures to save water and install lighting that is energy-efficient. Previously, office plans were based primarily on functionality. Sustainability is now a major factor and you need to consider it.

Modern offices should offer plenty of space. Employees shouldn’t feel claustrophobic or cramped when they are working. This goes against a major tenet of old-school office planning: cubicles. There are other, more versatile and flexible ways of making the best use of space and at the same time leaving plenty of room to change the layout, if necessary.

Offices with poor designs, particularly old-school layouts, have a negative impact on employee productivity. For one, your employees would appreciate a change to the look and feel of their workplace, in line with what they hear and see about other offices. Google, in particular, has influenced their thinking in terms of how they want their workplace to look like. This has a direct effect on productivity. A modern design will motivate your employees to perform better.

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Over the years, there have been numerous studies and considerable research on employee health and wellbeing. Old-school office planning didn’t account for numerous potential health risks that employees were exposed to. This includes the level of ventilation and lighting around the office. For instance, excessive use of fluorescent lighting around the office can affect the wellbeing of your employees. Moreover, offices today should be ventilated properly and designed ergonomically. As mentioned, you are spending most of your budget on paying employees. You don’t want them falling sick, do you?

These are some drawbacks with old-school office planning and how changing them will have a positive impact on your employees. Not only will they will be able to perform to their potential, but your overall costs of running the office will reduce considerably.


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