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In everyone’s life, there comes a time when they become an adult. Having to pay bills, keeping up with life in general and taking up responsibilities are just part of what happens when you have a certain age and start to be involved in certain activities. Unfortunately for us though, we can not say no to these things, mainly due to the fact that this is life – with goods and bads. Still, at least, we can make some adjustments to work it in our favor, but there is something that does not give us the freedom for that matter – which means we are ought to be sticking to money, if we want to live a happy and great life ahead. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to have the terrible talk of a salary negociation!


  1. Expenses

Now, I know that once you are hitting the salary discussion, the first aspect you are ought to mention in your expenses – which is rather nice. Make sure not to leave your boss simply feel amazing by your gratitude and willingness to work for him, because, you know, you actually make money rolling in his company. Thus, remind him that you have some great expenses to cover and also, that you are in the need of a certain amount of money if he wishes to hire you.

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  1. Student Loans

Since you have graduates a university, you have, most problably, some loans to cover. In this case, you also need some money to play with in order to do that. This is, in addition, something that your boss need to be aware of, in case you do not wish to gain a lot of frustrations and problems that come and go as days go by.


  1. Health Insurance

In most of the cases, your boss should be the one covering this one for you. In case he does not, tell him that you need some money in advance to keep yourself secured for the days that come. By this way, everything will be set up and you will be, probably, up to date with the new things that are coming by having a salary that meets all of your high expectations! So, what are you up to?


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