Over the last decade, there have been a lot of changes in the employment landscape. Since the 40 hour work week has become more of a luxury than the norm, more hardworking professionals are turning to work from home opportunities. When most people think work from home, they probably don’t see dollars signs. However, there are a ton of professions that allow workers to make significant sums of cash while staying in their pajamas – or at least their blue jeans.

  1. Physicians and Radiologists (median salary $186,000). The stress of being on call, working 16 hour days, and being under constant pressure has made somephysicians and radiologist stick close to home. Many physicians throughout history have practiced from their homes because there were very few hospitals, but now those physicians who dowant to achieve work-life balance. If a physician can’t move their practice, some choose to work part time and do other activities to supplement their income like performing medical file reviews. An influx of Telerad companies allow for radiologists to work from home on certain days of the week via home reporting.


  2. Computer Software Engineers (median salary $85,000). Software Engineers research, design, develop, and maintain computer systems. Because their work revolves mostly around sitting at computers, telecommuting has become a popular option. As the demand for web applications and cloud computing continues to rise, the demand for computer software engineers is also growing.


  3. Financial Managers (median salary $99,000). Financial managers oversee the finances of major companies, agencies, and even people. These money wizards produce financial reports, create cash-flow statements, track company dollars, and monitor other financial data. Most of their work is done on the computer with complex financial software which makes it a perfect job to do from home. Plus financial managers are always in demand, which means you will make great pay from the comfort of home, and always have a job.


  4. Postsecondary Teachers (median salary $59,000). The median salary for this at home job often depends on which subjects you teach. Still online professors make decent salaries and only need to meet a few technical requirements (computer, updated software, webcam) to get started. With a slew of virtual colleges popping up every year, the demand for online postsecondary teachers is on the rise.


  5. Market and Survey Researcher (median salary $61,000). These analysts examine market conditions and predict the potential sales of services or products. This helps companies learn what customers are looking for and informs their purchasing decisions. The internet, various research software, sophisticated office equipment, and virtual gear have made this job almost synonymous with working from home. The demand for market and survey researchers depends on the field of research, however the demand for analysts is predicted to grow 32 percent as a whole in the next 10 years.


The job market has changed, and more professionals are searching for work at home opportunities. The top 5 at home earners are: Physicians and Radiologists, Computer Software Engineers, Financial Managers, Postsecondary Teachers, and Market and Survey Researchers. These jobs not only make major bucks, but are quickly becoming feasible alternatives for workers.

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