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iStock_000064172085_Double-1080x675In the business world, making sure your clients are impressed is all part and parcel of the job. You need to go beyond just servicing the revenue they pay you, you need to make sure you offer them a little something extra.

So how can you go about this? Well, help is at hand in this blog post as below you’ll find five easy ways you can impress your clients on a regular basis – some of which you might have considered until now. Read on to find out what these are!

#1 Keep Up Appearances

To start with the basics, you need to look the part in all parts of your business. Everything from your attire to your vehicles and branding needs to look smart and professional. You might even want to look at tidying up the grounds of your business premises, there are companies like UK Landscapes who specialise in this if you’re not sure how to get these sorted.

#2 Offer a Welcome Package

When you take a new client on board, what better way to impress them then to send them a gift? A welcome hamper or package is sure to leave them with a positive feeling about their new working relationship with you. Just remember to include all your client branding to fully highlight it was your firm that has gone to the effort.

#3 Research and Develop

During their contracted time with your business you should be keeping on top of the latest developments in your field to then report back to your client. This will demonstrate to them you are well-informed and that you have the interests of their business as your primary concerns.

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#4Over Deliver

Every so often you might want to provide them with a little something extra in terms of your deliverables. This show of generosity will again be something that sticks in their mind – in the long run this might even sway them when it comes to things like upsells and contract renewals.

#5 A Simple Thank You

Last but not least, a little common courtesyy is a winner when it comes to impressing your clients. As simple a touch as saying thank you can go a long way.

So, don’t continue to offer your customers the basics, invest in applying some or all of the above into your operations. You might find that along with happy clients you also start to take on more business as word gets around about your premier level of service.


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