Customer acquisition can be a complicated process. For many, they are unsure as to how to do this. To have a business that is around for the long-term, you need to carefully consider your options. You need to think about how you can acquire new customers and how to retain them. This is the lifeblood of any new business. After all, you cannot survive and thrive without new customers.


However, it can be a delicate balancing act between acquiring customers and retaining them. But, it can be done.


Here is how:


Content Strategies: Are You Ready For This?


One of the best tactics for any new business is to utilise content. Yes, content has been subject to a lot of hype in the last couple of years. But, into 2015 this is only going to get bigger and better. For the cash-strapped among us, this is one of the cheapest ways to market your services. Write content and share it. It’s that simple.


But, you also need to ensure that you are delivering content in an offline medium too. You don’t want to miss out on key customers simply because you don’t have offline content too. Newsletters in a traditional printed format work. We assure you, you don’t have to send them by pigeon either. While it may seem ‘old-hat’, it’s a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. You need to appeal to a broad demographic. Offline material does this. For the new business owner, with a small budget, bring this in-house. Bring in digital printers and embossing presses. Only print the offline material that you need. This is a savvy approach, but the ROI can be huge.

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SEO: Be a Master of Google


SEO is the ultimate way to acquire new customers. Once you have created your intelligent and useful content, sharing really is caring. By sharing, you are creating brand awareness. Your potential customers will share your content. Therefore, they are creating further hype around your product. You don’t have to do the hard work. Well, sort of. You need to ensure that you are maximising your SEO potential to acquire customers. Share, share, share. The natural links back to your site will ensure that your website is top dog.


Email Marketing: It Works!


New entrepreneurs don’t feel comfortable with acquiring new customers via an email marketing route. Let’s be honest; it’s not something many of us feel comfortable with. But, email marketing can be an excellent tool in acquiring customers.  Once you have flexed your content and SEO muscle, you need to turn that web traffic into something positive. Build an email list. These lists are great for contacting people who have already expressed an interest in your website. It’s not like cold calling. They have visited your site and have ultimately shown an interest in your products and services.


So, you need to email them. Newsletters, promotions and valuable information about your venture are vital. Don’t spam your customers. Send them critical information. Gauge their interest. Hook them in, and away you go.



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