Employers around the world have a lot of problems this year in finding different professionals for different vacancies in their companies.

Almost forty (38% to be more precis) percent in more then forty countries around the world where this research has took place have this particular problem.

According to the research taken by the agency for temporary employment Manpower highest “drought” of professionals is in Japan, while that rate is the lowest in United Kingdom and Ireland.

As many media companies have published, the most frequent cause of the problem in finding the right professional for the job is the lack of technical  competence, far ahead of problems such as working experience and collage degree or even high candidate expectations.

The problem of finding suitable candidates and professional is on the rise in the biggest companies. The bigger the company the bigger the issue.

In France, every third employer (29 percent) has problems in hiring adequate workforce, and mostly in areas of skilled and qualified workers, drivers and administrative workers. This proportion is higher in comparison to last year where 21 percent of employers have reported this kind of problem.

Researchers from the Manpower group are pointing out that the companies have huge challenge in 2015 to solve this problem, and they think this could be done by organizing short courses or training fir profiles they are looking for.

This research has been conducted on 41 748 employers in 42 countries around the world. Why are we writing this boring report? Well, have you thought that you might be among those who can become one of those professionals? Have you considered checking out the job ads, and seeing what kind of candidates are in demand in your area? Maybe you are just the perfect candidate or you are just one step away in pre-qualifying to your dream job.