Machines are becoming more and more advanced, smarter and efficient each day, and there are jobs that will be taken over by robots completely in the next 20 years.

Even though humans at some jobs are hard or impossible to replace, there are jobs today that can be completely taken over by machines.

Following jobs are probably going to be replaced by robots fastest: electrical equipment technicians, postmen, people working in the jewelry production as well as workers in the metallurgy sector, and chefs.

Cashiers, accountants, secretaries, drivers, loan approval analysts, sports referees, and even some type of fashion models are in danger.

Also, people working on digging and construction machines, loading docks, bank clerks and loan credit clerks are also starting to be replaced. Also people working on calibration of measurement devices as well as tax clerks have great chances in being replaced.

Call center workers are already being replaced in large.

On the other hand there are jobs that robots still or will never be able to do, including psychologists, social workers, advisers and more.

What do you think about this topic? Do you think it is still early to worry about losing a job to a robot or that time is right around the corner? This topic is very broad, so leave your opinion in the comments below.