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Are you a good student? Well, congratulations! You will definitely get a well-paid job, a nice family and all the rest stuff. But how are you in the society? Are you a party-starter? Do you have people to rely on, regardless of the fact that you might not be with them at all times? If so, you have probably went through life the way you should. During our lives, we manage to learn more and behave the way the society wants us to, still these lessons are welcome to all of us. In case you wish to find more about the things that determine your success, those that only life can teach you, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines!


Spot Scams

During our lives, there are hundreds if not thousands of people wishing to see us down. Well, you might call it the human being strategy, since all of us are looking forward to making it out one way or another – and most of us don’t seek to provide anyone with help but ourselves. Thus, in your life you might interfere with a lot of scams – but there is no useful handbook to guide you through it. In this case, the only part that could help you in here would be the process of spotting scams, one that you will learn only by practising it in real life. In HD.



Believe it or not, no handbook in regards to negotiation is not as useful as you might think. Yes, the theory might be appealing, but try putting it in practice – the other part will not be that happy to hear that out and you will probably see him not acting the way the book says. In this case, negociation is best played and learnt by doing it yourself – practicing it in real life, seeing how people would react will definitely help you adjust your strategy from time to time. This thing is bound to turn you into a wonderful negociator, and trust me – there is nothing better in life than trying to beat someone else’s thinking with your arguments. At least for me, negociation is the key to adjust my income, learn to say no in a diplomatic yet straightforward way and definitely the list of advantages can easily continue.

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