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If Search Engine Optimization is a slow-releasing drug, PPC advertising can be classified as a fast acting steroid. When it comes to quick results, good conversion rates, and targeted marketing, there’s nothing better than a Pay per Click campaign.

In next to no time, you will be having unique visitors from your target locations, landing on your website, who were searching with a keyword or phrase decided by you. Therefore, PPC Advertising should be a must-have ingredient for a marketing mix. However, this highly effective medium can turn out to be a total wastrel if there’s an inexperienced guy at the helms of the affairs. On the other hand, an experienced professional can make a huge difference to the ROI of your PPC campaigns. Therefore it’s better to hire an individual or a company to do the job, especially if you are looking to spend considerable amount on regular basis.

However you need to be extra careful while choosing a company or individual to manage your PPC campaign, because just like SEO, the Internet is full of con artists, pretending to be the experts. Following are some points to remember when choosing a PPC management company.


Different PPC management companies might use different pricing models, some of them might charge a small percentage of the total amount that you are looking to spend in a month, others might ask for a percentage of the total sales, while the others will demand a flat fee. The rates will vary in accordance to the experience and the types of services included in the package. If you are just looking for some consultancy services, the charges are going to be less, and if you are looking for an all-inclusive service, the charges will be a lot more. You should discuss your requirements with different companies to get an idea of the average market price, but you shouldn’t be making the decision based solely on the lowest rates, because you will be getting what you are paying for.

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Google Certification:

Google certified individuals or companies have to pass an online exam and meet other requirements to get this certification. While they aren’t really endorsed by Google and they do not get any special treatment, the certification is a good way to confirm that you are not dealing with a “noob??? pretending to be an old hand. Therefore, you should make sure that the company or individual you are about to select has got the certificate.


Having a certificate should be the minimum requirement, but it doesn’t guarantee good results. Because when it comes to the tasks like Keyword research, Ad development, landing page optimization, mapping, and the likes, there’s no substitute of the experience, especially if it relates to the same market, so that they will be more aware of the trends and all.

Services & Support:

Ideally, the PPC management service should not only belimited to bid analysis or keyword selections. You should make sure that they are good at everything including but not limited to Competitive Analysis, Adverts Copy Testing, tracking, reporting, Landing Page Recommendations, ability to manage different platforms and different types of Ads, like Text Ads, Image Ads, Video Ads and so on. Last but not the least; you should be getting exceptional customer support.

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