When thinking of starting a new business, it’s easy to look around and feel as if all the good, big ideas have already been taken. But some ingenuity will reveal that there’s money to be made by investing your time in novel business ventures, regardless of its size or focus. Of course, there are time honored approaches to building your wealth, and many people have embraced unique ways to make money online through a variety of service, investment, or product-based ventures. Look around at the talents you’ve got and the resources at your fingertips and you’ll find a plethora of options for growing your finances.

Use the things you can do

In other words? Turn to your talents. Many of the little things you can do with ease, things you might take for granted, can be turned into high returns businesses with some forethought and planning. People will always need things fixed, and with many returning to repairs to extend the life of their personal effects instead of chucking them in the bin at the first chance, you can turn your abilities, and find support and information for starting a small business or side-hustle around your skills.

Invest your funds Widely

Don’t wait until you’ve got a huge nest egg saved to invest your money in one spot. In fact, without taking the chance on a variety of early, low risk financial investment options, you might never have a proverbial nest egg to speak of. Research common investment options across stocks, bonds, building societies and credit unions, and even newer crypto currencies. And if those options seem too daunting, reach out to financial advisers and experts for professional guidance. The words of Jason Sugarman ring true regardless of whether one tries financial ventures on a small or large scale: ‘…always be a disciplined investor.’

Own together instead of Outright

Sometimes, the road to business ownership and financial freedom can be too rough to traverse on your own. In such cases, why not consider Co-Operatives? From straightforward co-owning schemes for traditional farming sales, to time-share rentals, and even joint lease rental options, taking on financial ventures with others presents a way to share the burden of financial investments, and to partake in the growth.

These options might not be the first that come to mind when thinking of growing your wealth through entrepreneurial means, but they are all viable, and oftentimes, lucrative options to consider. Look beyond the tried-and-true, and in an era when everyone is trying to make more money, you’ll always find ingenious ways to grow your own wealth.

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