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Recruiters make a hard and tough job trying to find the best resume since they receive hundreads if not thousands of those every month. Most of them are good, others are super bad and few are excellent. If you want to stand out and to be able to receive their phone call, you should definitely know what you are ought NOT TO add to your resume! In case you wish to know what mistakes to stay away from, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines – sooner or later it will all pay off!


Life History

Any recruiter would look for your last work place, last field you have been working and definitely what recommendations you came with. In this case, sharing with him all your prizes and contests you have been to is not the best move. You can always remember him about them AFTER you have been selected and hired for the specific field. And this is it, by avoiding this mistake you are closer to getting the job!


Flawless Appearance

Believe it or not, the appearace of your resume is a real must nowadays. It is the only thing he knows and sees about you, reason why it has to be super checked and verified many times before being sent. Any typo, misspelled word or anything else has not to appear in there if you want the phone to ring and to receive the magic phrase – you’ve been selected!

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Attach a Classic Photo

Recruiters actually want to meet you and see you. This is why you should add a small photo to your resume (a classic one, in office clothes) so that he can see how you look and if you fit the kind of person they are looking for. By this way, your chances are getting higher than to someone who does not have a photo attached – thus, you stand out from the crowd!


Erase all Unexplained Gaps

When you create your resume, you need to have a reason for everything you write in there – any word, since the next step would be the interview. What would be the sense of lying in such a way that when you get to the interview, they will realise you are not an honest person? Thus, no lying and no unexplained gaps are there to appear.


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