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Security is essential for any home, whether you have a family to look after or not. The problem is though, that you also want to ensure it’s economically viable and environmentally friendly too. Keeping your home or property safe and secure is an investment, which is why solar street lights can help you when looking for a cheaper alternative to lighting after hours. How exactly can they help you though, and what money can they save you?

  • Depending upon what you choose, your street light can potentially work out to be a long lasting investment. One option that’s becoming more prevalent as time goes on is that of the light emitting diode, or LED as it’s more commonly known. Where these used to be seen more in traffic signals, they are now becoming a more efficient method of street lighting. Whilst they may initially be more expensive than their traditional counterparts, not only are they long-lasting, but they are highly efficient investment for the future, working out much cheaper in the long-run.
  • Another option that many choose are induction lamps, which are known for their ability to deploy a strong beam. Providing a ‘high color rendering index’, a term which simply means ‘to display the color of an object as it would be seen under natural light’, they are the best choice for anybody looking to provide a higher level of security. Not only that, they last for an extremely long-time as well. The only downside to these is that high levels of heat can have adverse effects on them, so maybe not the best choice for a very hot climate.
  • Power lines are always an essential component when looking to install any street lighting layout. It could be that you’re situated in a rural area, which would require a long and expensive process of getting them hooked up to the mains. This then not only saves you money for the future, but provides you with savings up front straightaway. Regardless of whether or not power lines and the mains are easily accessible, solar street lights still, more often than not, offer a cheaper alternative from the outset when being installed.
  • Many cities have already begun to take stock in the money they’ve saved after implementing solar street lights across their power grids. Not only do they keep crime down, as a well lit area is statistically proven to be safer for everyone, but they’ve also witnessed payback in as little as five years in some cases. This has saved not only the city councils, but the general taxpayers as well, something which you should soon be able to profit off too. You can then reinvest your money elsewhere as the councils have done.
  • Lastly is the environmental factor, as this can be a big one when choosing what type of lighting to implement. It’s not just the electricity bill that you’re saving on after all. With a well installed set of quality, low-level LED solar street lights, you could potentially only need to pay out maintenance costs every twenty years or so. This then leaves minimal to no negative lasting impact on the environment at all.
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With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many people are turning to solar street lights when keeping their properties well lit and safe. The savings made will be immediate and are self-evident for decades to come. As a one-time investment, they really make for a more positive socially conscious choice.


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