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As the UK job market has been in dire straits for the last few years thanks to our crumbling economy, millions of people have found themselves unable to obtain suitable work, and this has lead to a serious increase in entrepreneurship amongst the working classes. This is fantastic news because it means more and more new companies are being set up every single day, most of which have been brought about with little or no capital or investment.

In previous times, the very idea of building a successful firm this way was frowned upon, but as most banks are now refusing to lend to people without credible experience or a history of operating in this area, the poor people of this country have been left with no choice in the matter. Still, it does show how savvy UK residents can be in times of need, which should be very encouraging to anyone who thought for even a second that the recent recession would see the end of us all.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some research online over the past week or so, and have managed to find out about some of the marketplaces these new startups are entering, and how they’re managing to stay afloat. So, take a read through the rest of this post, and I’ll attempt to fill you in.

Arts & Crafts

Although making customised birthday cards or cakes as an individual trader isn’t going to make anyone rich, many people have recognised the potential of bringing these crafty types together and providing a branded service – this is incredibly lucrative. Some new business owners have opted to scan social media websites like Facebook and get in touch with the sole traders on there who provide cake-making or card-making services, and then recruit them into their own firm with impressive results. This costs nothing more than a reliable internet connection to set up, and so is proving to be a big hit.

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Writing Services

This is another very prosperous area at the moment, with hundreds of new writing businesses appearing over the last few years. Bloggers, company owners and online retailers all need quality content for their websites, and it seems they’re willing to pay top-dollar for the best solutions. Again, the people who run these firms tend to recruit their writers from social media or freelance websites, and with a little bit of elbow grease, the potential rewards are endless. Some are even opting to make the whole process much simpler by employing the services of reputable firms that are more than capable of providing a top notch blog post, essay or custom dissertation, depending on the level of expertise you are looking for – a blog post will be much simpler than a very in-depth dissertation.

Private & Industrial Cleaners

Let’s face it, cleaning products are very cheap to buy, and most people who do this sort of job are happy to earn the minimum wage, which means there are some great opportunities out there for anyone willing the fill the role of agency. For a tiny initial investment of only a few hundred pounds, and a little bit of clever advertising, real people like you and me are managing to bag themselves a fortune, whilst others do most of the work.

Well, there you have it. Those 3 marketplaces are by far the most profitable and secure for anyone who wishes to start something new without an excessive use of capital. Thousands are already doing it, so why are you still twiddling your thumbs?

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