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A man or woman’s home is their castle, and while it’s the family and friends that we bring into our lives that are certainly the things we hold the most dear, it’s the stuff and objects that we have in our homes that are the things we need to (and can) insure. If we could insure our family and friends we would, but of course, these dear family and friends of ours are not replaceable! A fridge, however, is replaceable, so we can insure it. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons why we need to protect our homes with insurance. You should note here that even people who are renting should consider taking out home and contents insurance to get themselves protected, because even though you think that none of these things could or would ever happen to you – sadly they can and sometimes do. Take a look around at the home and contents insurance providers that are available and consider these reasons as some help if you’re on the fence as to whether you need it for your home!


Reason One: You might get robbed

Sorry to start off fear-mongering, but this is a basic and hard and fast reason for you to get your home insured for the fullest and best possible cover you can. Think about all of the precious items you have in your jewellery box for example. Even though some of these items (or all of them) might be heirloom stuff and things that you couldn’t possibly replace, if you were to be robbed it would help somewhat if the monetary value could be given back – at least to help you start to rebuild. Even though your would-be burglars won’t be making off with your fridge, with the proliferation of smaller hi-fi equipment and the easy to steal stuff like laptops, iPods and iPhones, it makes sense to take care of them with your insurance.

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Reason Two: You might get flooded in your home/have a natural disaster

It’s sad but true – living in Australia does mean that you have to think about things like floods if you’re in Brisbane, fires if you’re in Sydney or Victoria, and even earthquakes (if you’re living in New Zealand). The most important thing you need to consider and remember is that sometimes policies are a bit difficult when it comes to claiming for acts of god, so be sure to check and recheck your policy and what it includes when you know that you live in an area that’s susceptible to floods or natural disasters. It’s no good having the cover in place if you don’t get the insurance pay out to cover your losses!


Reason Three: You can get new for old on some appliance policies!

This isn’t technically a reason why you need home insurance, but it can be a great benefit to having home and contents insurance for yourself! Some policies allow you to take on new for old appliance replacement if you do have to make a claim on your insurance. Sometimes this is a clause that insurance companies put into place to sweeten the deal for prospective clients! Make sure that you don’t get suckered into the policy just because of this particular elements to entice you. It’s important that you choose a policy based on what it’s going to cover you for, and not just for the flashy inclusions that some companies put in place. A good thing for you to do is to consult with a couple of companies and compare and contrast with prices and levels of cover.

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