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Though we rarely take the time to think about it, most of us would have to acknowledge that we’re far more successful at making money than we are at keeping it. Each month our wage appears in our bank accounts, and by month’s end there’s very little of it left.

But is this really something that we can change? For most of us, our expenditure seems necessary. After all, we need food, and we have to pay our bills and keep our cars filled with petrol.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to make our money go further. It’s all about strategizing. If you want to see an increase in your bank balance, here are three top tactics to get you started…

Tip One: Create a Budget

Most of us think that we live on a budget, but if we stopped and took the time to consider it, we’d see that the principle could be applied in a far more dramatic manner. It pays to sit down and make a list of every individual outgoing that you’re liable for, from clothes to food to smoking. Be absolutely brutal in this, leaving no stone unturned. Once you’ve compiled a tally of all of your costs, look at anything that could be cut. Could you reduce your monthly clothing bill from £60 to £50? Could you walk a little more and cut down the amount of petrol you use? Each little saving will add up, so that in the long run you’re significantly better off.

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Tip Two: Follow the Rule of Thirds

Another useful way to increase your bank balance is by following the rule of thirds. The concept is a simple one. Each month when you receive your wage, follow this model: spend a third, save a third, invest a third. Although this sounds tricky, it can do wonders for the amount of capital at your disposal, as not only will your savings increase, but if you invest wisely, you’ll also be making money on top of your existing income.

Tip Three: Enlist the Professionals

Although it’s most definitely possible to improve your bank balance on your own, the best way to do it is inarguably by consulting a professional like Sanlam Private Wealth. These entities have been specifically formulated to help people increase their wealth, and they’re ideally placed to help you get your finances in order.

Why not give these top tricks and tips a go today?


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