We all want to be liked. Even people who claim not to care are simply looking to impress with that statement. This adage holds true in the business world as well as in your personal life. We want our businesses to be liked and remembered. It makes us feel good and – most importantly – helps our business make money!

It may not be enough to get the job done for a client or customer. You have to be really memorable for them. People are so used to having their problems solved by others that they may not necessarily remember who solves their problems. Can’t remember the name of the company that helped you that one time? Simply enter your problem into Google and you’ll probably find someone offering a similar service.

The best way to be remembered is to be liked. Well, actually, people are more likely to remember negative things than positive. But let’s not take that route.

Keep in contact: be friendly and fun

A great way to improve the reputation of your business is to use the communicative powers of the Internet. Twitter is the most obvious example. There is a bunch of companies out there showing a more fun and casual side via their Twitter page. The key is to engage authentically and emotionally with followers.

Email subscriptions are still a popular and effective way of sending messages to several customers at once. Use a service that makes it easy to manage your subscribers. This service should work both ways. It should be easy for the user to manage their subscription, should they want to opt-out.

Of course, you don’t want subscribers to opt-out. In all of the above options, you should get a specialised community manager to keep customer retention strong. Make sure people are retweeting you. And be sure not to flood a subscriber’s inbox with emails! Just send them the occasional update in a message filled with personality.

Making your mark in public and at trade shows

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Don’t just hide behind those emails and social media accounts! Get out there and show your face. You can launch marketing campaigns on the high street by handing out flyers. But people usually walk past those, right? So consider getting your company a stand for public events.

Trade shows are a great reason to consider this form of marketing. In shopping environments, people are usually trying to get from one store to another as fast as possible. But at trade shows, there are loads of potential customers and clients who want to come to you and see what you’ve got. Book a space, design a banner, and get your most charismatic employee to speak to the people. You can design banners using banner printing, printed banners. So don’t send out Boring Dave. Also, stop calling your employee Boring Dave. That’s just mean.


That’s right: you should send the occasional gift to your clients. This may be tougher than it sounds. A client may be able to tell when you’re lazily attempting to keep good relations. Make sure the gift is something heartfelt and useful. You need to combine it with good communication so they know you’re actually interested in them.

For your customers, you can send out practical things with your branding on them. Pens, notepads, USB drives – who doesn’t need more of those? A physical reminder of your brand, and your friendliness, will go a long way.


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