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Although it’s relatively easy to figure out, business advertising on Facebook can be very complicated to do successfully. This is due to the constant blending of PR and social marketing, the push to market your products while still attempting to build a positive and expansive brand image. Even marketers already adept at using the site sometimes struggle to promote their brands successfully.

Dealing with competition and changing markets and different niche tastes is difficult enough on its own. Then those everyday issues are compounded by the ever-changing air of Facebook in general. This is why it never hurts to rely on some solid branding tips.

Creating a Network Within the Network

Visibility is a big issue in Facebook marketing. And while you’re never going to reach 100% of your intended audience, you can increase your odds by increasing your presence. If you have multiple employees in your business, or even if you want to literally separate yourself from your business with two pages, you can create multiple Facebook profiles that tie in with one another. A good example of this is the Angry Birds network. They have a page launched for practically every new game update, but they all tie back in to the main source. This gets the brand name out there.

Offer Good Support

One of the best ways to ensure high engagement and a positive brand image is to always respond to your fans on your page. You’ll see a lot of companies out there post material and then sit back while their fans chat away. More often than not, they’re ignoring important questions and issues. Give your brand a boost by directly replying to people who have issues.

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Correctly Updating Content

Adding content for the sake of adding it isn’t doing very much for your brand. You have to brainstorm for different ideas about what you can post. If you have a unique, captivating picture and a great idea for a poll question, you can split these up to have two separate posts come out. Brands that are able to keep people engaged with new material are brands that are more successful in the long run. Promoting your brand means staying busy.

Posting the Proper Ads

You may feel as if you’re already posting the best Facebook ads, but you have to step back and look at your brand as a whole and ask yourself if you’re really making the most of the site’s  multiple formats. Ads can work double duty on Facebook. They can market your business while doing good PR for your brand. You have to use the proper ad format, however. Try breaking into the Sponsored Stories and Page Post categories to keep your ads in your base’s line of sight.

When it’s all said and done, you can offer the best product or service in the industry and still not have a thorough base. Facebook advertising doesn’t rely on the quality of your business as much as it relies on the popularity of your brand. Trending is a self-perpetuating thing, and getting your brand to trend positively should be your ultimate goal.


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