Image courtesy of Sancho McCann

Many people want to get fitter at this time of year and would like to take part in various different types of exercise. However, this can add up in price, particularly if you attend classes, buy special equipment or pay for a gym membership. There are ways though that you can exercise at a low cost, which should help you to be able to reach your fitness goal without having to spend too much money.

Firstly think about the type of exercise that you want to do and what is involved. If you just want to exercise more and get fit without worrying about exactly how, then this is easy. Just put on a pair of good shoes and get walking! Walk fast and if that does not get you out of breath then walk up hills. You may decide to progress to running and if so you will need specific running shoes to protect your feet but apart from that, so weather suitable clothes that you can move comfortably in, you are set. There is no need for a personal trainer, running machine, gym membership, you can just get on and do it. You may need moral support so find a friend; ask among your family and friends or ask on social media and find someone to some with you.

If you want something more specific then it may not be quite so easy. You may need to take a look at what facilities are available locally. You may find that you can compare some prices. You will that the gyms could be the most expensive with council run leisure centres cheaper. There may be schools that rent out their facilities which could be even cheaper. Make some phone calls and compare costs and you could save yourself quite a bit of money and you may even be able to negotiate an even better deal for yourself if you speak to them first.

Classes can be quite expensive and so it can be much cheaper to find videos online and follow those instead. Obviously it can be more difficult to get motivated to do it this way, but if you think that you will be able to do this then you could save a lot of money. You could even do it with a family member or friend to motivate each other.

If you like a certain piece of gym equipment then it could be better to buy it to use at home rather than pay the gym membership. It depends on how often you go to the gym and how much use you make of it. Some people will have a monthly fee for gym membership and hardly go, which means that they waste a lot of money. Others will use it a lot and make good use of the membership. Whether you have had membership before or are considering it, make sure that you are confident that you will make the best use of it and get good value for money.