Image courtesy of Sodanie Chea

It can be difficult sometimes, leaving work at work and home at home and also making sure that you have the right amount of energy for both. Whether you like or dislike your work or home life, it is important to get a good balance in life so that you can remain as relaxed and energetic as possible for what both have to offer you. This is not always easy.

Looking after your health can be a really good start to make with these. Eating a healthy diet, reducing your sugar, caffeine, alcohol and unhealthy fats and replacing with wholegrains, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats and proteins will enable you to stay healthier and have more energy. Sleep is also very important and you will need to make sure that you regularly get enough sleep so that you have plenty of energy, are well rested and are not low in energy and tempted to eat junk food to keep yourself awake.

Relaxation is really important as well. Some people like to wind down by meditating, doing sport or yoga but it is up to the individual to find what is right for them. It may be watching a comedy show, reading a book, hugging a loved one or playing a game. It is worth thinking about the things that you do and identifying which ones relax you so that you can do them more often.

Balancing the time that you spend at work and home is important too. Obviously most jobs will have set hours that you are expected to do. However, many people work extra hours, whether paid or unpaid and some take work home with them to do. Also worrying about work problems can take up valuable time at home as well. It can be wise to decide that you will only think about work issues when at work and do your best to shut them out of your head when at home. This is not always possible, but avoiding taking work home and not working more hours than you can cope with can help with this as well. If you fill your time at home with activities, then you will be able to distract yourself from thinking about work.

A big worry and the reason that many people do overtime at work is because they are the only person that can do the job. If this is the case, then gain some freedom by training other people on how to do it. This means that you will be able to share the workload and take a holiday without worrying that your work will not be being done.

If you just cannot separate from the stress, then it can be worth considering a change of jobs. Although most jobs have some stress from time to time, constant stress is not normal and you should be able to find an alternative job that does not have this level of stress attached to it. It may even be worth considering taking a pay cut in order to achieve this.