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Being an entrepreneur is an exciting career path to take, but it’s also challenging and will require you to work harder than you ever have before. There will be late nights at the office and problems that will require you to put your skills to the test if you’re going to find the answers you need to succeed.

There are a few guidelines you should follow if you wish to run a successful small business and build a solid foundation for growth down the road. Believe in yourself and don’t let a few hiccups get in your way of following your dreams and managing a company of your own.

Set Specific Goals

You can’t start a small business without a set plan in place and expect to find success. You need to set realistic goals and have a formal business plan in place which you can follow at all times. Keep in mind how busy you’re going to get when you begin to thrive, and you gain more customers. Remember you can always make adjustments and revisit your objectives throughout the year. However, you want to at least have a starting point for yourself before diving right in and getting to work. Make sure your goals are attainable, but that they also require you to go above and beyond to achieve them.

Make the Purchasing Process Easy for Customers

Think about a time you bought a product and how good it felt when there weren’t any issues or complications involved. Take the hassle out of buying products from your company by making the purchasing process easy on your customers. For example, if you’re a small retailer then use a technology solution like Tower Systems for an efficient and seamless experience. These are the types of strategies you need in place if you’re going to keep your customers happy and coming back again in the future. You don’t want clients to feel frustration when working with you or trying to make a purchase. If you do, you’ll have to try to salvage your reputation and deal with a lot of harsh reviews.

Network & Build Relationships

If you’re in business, it’s always wise to find people out there who you can bounce ideas off of or call when you have questions. Spend your free time networking and building a wide variety of relationships and expanding your list of connections. You can do more of this by attending events, speaking at conferences and getting involved in your community. It’ll be nice to have someone you can call if you find yourself in a bind or need advice on how to grow your small business. Always remember to follow up with someone you first meet and reintroduce yourself, so they know exactly who you are and how they can contact you.

Get Online

Your small business will have a better chance of succeeding when you get online and embrace digital solutions and technology. Launch a website, start a blog and open up social media accounts on the platforms that make the most sense for your products and business. If you’re not online, you’re missing out on engaging with a large segment of your target audience. It’s also a great place for you to invest in advertising and showcase your best products to people who are looking for answers on the Internet. More and more customers are searching for websites and reviews before they’ll even consider doing business with a company, so make sure you can easily be found.

Manage your Finances Responsibly

Your business is only as strong as what your books reflect. You won’t be off to a very good start if you have a lot of money troubles before you launch. Hire a finance director if it’ll help you stay on top of your money situation. You need to make sure you have steady cash flow and are budgeting each month correctly if you want to be successful. It’s a lot more fun to be in a positive position financially when running a small business, so do whatever it takes to spend and save your money wisely. Get your leadership onboard as well and make sure everyone who’s in charge of a budget is sticking to it.

Focus on Sales & Marketing

No one will pay attention to you or understand what it is you do unless you make it clear to them on a regular basis that you exist and they can’t live without your product and service. Invest in your sales and marketing departments to guarantee your message is being heard loud and clear by the people who truly matter the most. You need strong leads and someone in place to follow up on those prospects to build a solid customer base right from the start. This is one area where you’ll experience great rewards if you go about it the right way and are relentless about making sure your sales and marketing approach is unstoppable.

Stop Living in the Past

What has worked for you in the past may not be the way of the future. Your old habits could be stalling your progress and holding you back from greatness. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, you have to be willing to let go of your old ways of operating and adopt some of the newer, more modern solutions. Do your homework and figure out what your competitors are doing to get ahead and where your current gaps exist. Then figure out what you can do about attending to the most important areas for improvement first. Your business will have a better chance of surviving when you aren’t afraid to take calculated risks and innovate regularly.


It’s crucial to understand that businesses don’t naturally get better and improve on their own. They thrive when they have strong leadership behind them and strategies to guide the way. Run a successful small business using these tips and notice how quickly you’re able to not only maintain a company but also grow it and watch it flourish.

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