Fiverr is a popular online avenue for selling goods and services. The rate starts from US$5. Thousands of transactions are recorded daily which manifest the widespread popularity of this site.
Selling on Fiverr is not a walk in the park because of the tight competition among sellers. Indeed, many sellers struggle to close a deal and earn a sustained revenue stream from Fiverr. However, given the right approach and proper mindset, the challenge can be overcome. Here are some noteworthy tips to take into account if you would like to improve your standing with FIVERR as a seller.
1) Do not stay anonymous. Display your correct profile. Use your business logo if you are running a legitimate business. If you are a freelance, state your complete name.
2) Offer goods or services which you can deliver within your prescribed timeframe . Though the rate starts from $5, do not compromise quality. You can later upsell or cross sell your related products and services.
3) Be proactive in finding clients. If you have at least 95% rating, you can check the list of buyers’ requests . Look for job requests related to your gig or gigs and contact prospective buyers . You can also promote your gig or gigs in social media.
4) Endeavor to earn good reviews. The more positive review you earn, the higher your credibility in the eyes of buyers. To earn good reviews on Fiverr, you have to deliver your gig or gigs in a timely manner. You should also be conscious on the quality of the service or goods you deliver. You have to deliver the outputs stated in your gig or gigs.
5) Strictly follow the rules. For instance, you are not allowed to share your email or your payment details and transact outside Fiverr. To keep yourself updated of the latest rules and policies, join the Fiverr’s forum
Following the above tips will definitely help you improve your sales performance.

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