If you’ve been working at your job for a while now, you might be thinking that it is about time that you had a pay rise. But how do you bring up the topic with your boss? Asking for a raise may, and often is, a rather difficult subject to negotiate, but it is important that you are paid the right amount for the work you do. If you want to discuss a raise with your boss, but are not sure how to do it, these tips can help.

Be Indispensable

The best way to go about getting a pay rise is to do your job well and be a fundamental key player in the success of a business. Always be willing to work hard, help team members, and you will get noticed for the work you do.

Ask for a Meeting

If you want to get a pay rise, you need to arrange a meeting with your boss so you can talk about it without interruption. If you try to ask your boss when they are in the middle of something, or on their way in or out of the office, you are unlikely to get the response you are looking for.

Plan your Reasons

Once you have a meeting set up, you need to know exactly what you are going to say. Make a list of reasons why you should get a pay rise. For example, that you are already working more than your contracted hours, or that you are doing jobs that have a greater responsibility than before, or that you have worked there for a long time and you have never had a raise.

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You can also update your CV with all your relevant training and roles that you have had since you worked at the company, to show your boss how much progress you have made. A professional CV is something that will impress your boss, and also shows what you could offer to another employer, and that could help persuade your boss to offer you a raise. CV examples and templates are abundant on the internet and give your CV a professional look.

Be Confident

When you know what you want, have the confidence to speak out to your employer. Asking for a raise can make you feel nervous, but don’t let that put you off negotiations.

Asking for a pay rise is not something most of us feel comfortable with, as it can bring with it fears and doubts that upsetting your boss could result in a flat denial of a raise, or that you could be replaced by someone who is happy to work for the same, or less, money than you are being paid. However, having the confidence to ask for a pay rise is half the battle won, and shows your employer that you are actually serious about your job, and your career.

If you have been hoping for a pay rise for some time, then take matters into your own hands and begin negotiations with your boss. Often, all you need is to have the confidence to do so, and show that you are an important and valued  member of the team, and most employers will be happy to consider a raise.

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