Image courtesy of Peter

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we need money urgently. This could be because we have a bill to pay that we had forgotten about, we had extra expenses or we did not manage our money well in a particular month. There are ways that you may be able to get some extra money quickly though.

If you have a second hand shop or antique shop in your local area, then you may be able to sell them some things. It will all depend on what you have. They may take things which are not that old or even vintage clothing and accessories that you may have as well. If you have more modern things and can wait a few days for the money, you could sell them on online auction sites. Do research well though and make sure that any money you can make will be more than the cost of selling. You may be able to sell things at a car boot sale or table top sale in your local area but make sure that you have enough things available for sale to cover the cost of the table or pitch and to make some extra from it.

You could try doing some work online for money. Often you can pick up small freelance jobs and get paid quickly. There are websites which list jobs like this and you should be able to register, apply for work and find some pretty quickly. You may have to be prepared to get fairly low pay per hour though as you will have to compete from people from all over the world for the work. There are also free lottery sites you could try out and see if you could win some money or survey sites you could try out, some pay out when you get a small balance.

You may be able to pick up a few hours of work in your local area. Try contacting local temping agencies, particularly if you are not already working and are flexible. You might be able to pick up odd days of work covering for people who are off work sick and get paid quite quickly for it. It could also be a way to pick up even more work and sometimes could even lead to a permanent job. If you can only do evening or weekend work, it could be harder but it is worth trying local pubs and cafes to see if they need extra help. You may even be able to pick up work in shops as they are normally busier at weekends.

If you are working then it could be worth asking for an advance on your salary. Companies will often pay you some of your monthly salary early to help you out. Speak to your boss about it or ask the human resources department if you can organise this. Even a smaller company may be able to help with this, it is worth asking in order to find out.